Repairing Hazed or Cracking Leathers

Hazing or cracking leathers are usually caused by a build up of acids causing it to shrink. This will continue even after the repairs causing them to fail as well. Leather dyes are made to stretch with the leather but cannot shrink. Cleaning the leather on a regular basis would have stopped or slowed down this damage. Using improper cleaners also does damage.

The main sources of acid are skin oils (not all people) especially men, clothing dyes, newsprint and computer inks. Animals are also very acidic and their oils can accumulate over time. This type of damage usually shows up at around three years of age. It can also show up anywhere from two years to ten years depending on lifestyles, body chemistry and how often it was cleaned. Allowing your dog to lie on the sofa will greatly shorten its life.

Trying to remove the acid before the repairs is the best. This requires numerous cleanings and conditionings over a few months, using the right products for your type of leather. We can then evaluate the damage to see what is repairable and what needs to be replaced. We can then give you an idea of the costs. In some cases replacement of the entire sofa is the correct way to go.

We can replace some panels (i.e. just the lower cushions) if the leather is available. The cost of replacing panels depends on the method of manufacturing, the weight of the leather and the method of sewing.

We need to determine what type of leather you have and what course of action to take.

If repairing is possible there is no way any guarantee can be given. Not knowing the complete history of the leather and what products have been used will not allow this.We do our best to clean and remove contaminates as much as possible and prep the surface to the best of our ability. Even with all that work the repairs or re-dye may fail. The softer the leather the more you will notice a change in the feel. We are usually adding another coat of dye to the leather which does stiffen some leathers. We do our best to advise you whether repairing this leather has a good chance of success or if panels should be replaced or replacing the set is the best way to proceed. Any questions please call.