We fix damaged leathers that need colour matching, including multi-tone and mottled leathers.  We have developed our own repair method that lasts longer than the competitors', and many of our cut and hole repairs are close to invisible. We do not use any vinyl repair products or overheat the leather, both of which can cause further damage. All of our colour matching is done by eye and we can match 95% of all leathers. We have had some success on repairing nude and unfinished leathers, which are the most challenging to fix. We can also suggest alternative ideas if an item is unrepairable.

Our shop is located at the border of Vancouver and Burnaby near the highway. We work throughout greater Vancouver, and we will go as far as Whistler or Chilliwack if we can link it up with other jobs.

We also sell cleaning products for leather, and will do training sessions for the stores we work for on types of leather, cleaning and how the leathers are made.